Corporate websites have taken over the role of the showcase of your business or product 24/7/365, so it is right to pay close attention to both the technical and the aesthetic final result.

Data Entry

Data Entry is about uploading photos & texts to each customer's website (posting products on an eshop or any corporate or non-corporate website) at a fixed annual cost depending on their needs, that except that it is certainly much cheaper than an employee relationship, it also provides the right uploading of the material in the right size, with the right analysis, quickly and with the right aesthetic result from our specialized designers.

Our advantages!

1. Continuous updating of websites on a technical and aesthetic level.
2. Proper pricing, according to the client's budget, without hidden charges.
3. Proper project schedule to deliver the website to you in the time you want.
4. After any project assignment we come to you by appointment.
5. Full access to the technical and aesthetic support (Data Entry) of the website.
6. Two (2) series of corrections included in the cost of each project [three (3) previews until final delivery].
7. With respect & professionalism towards all our clients, because we are interested in long term partnerships.

Our primary purpose

We provide you with technically sound websites, constant upgrades, fast hosting with the right and modern aesthetic result to follow the corporate identity of your business or product.

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